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No final version of this speech has been found, but it was similar to Sanger's Dec. 9, 1932 speech to the Wesleyan University undergraduate conference on marriage. (See and .
Sanger organized a tribute dinner to H. G. Wells as a fund-raiser and publicity even for the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control
This speech was delivered at the Baltimore Open Forum on January 3, 1926. This version may have been a press release.
Sanger likely gave this speech at the beginning of 1929. For another draft version of this speech see Margaret Sanger Microfilm Edition, S71:192. Handwritten corrections by Sanger
Sanger probably gave this interview on April 6, 1923 in the office of the American Birth Control League in New York City.
The author of the petition that Sanger circulated in this article was the American Civil Liberties Union.
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