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This is the first article in an 12-part series. For Part II, "Girlhood, 1," see Nov. 24, 1912, for Part III, "Girlhood, 2," see Dec. 1, 1912, for Part IV, "Puberty, 1," see Dec. 8, 1912, for Part V,"Puberty 2," see Dec. 15, 1912, for Part VI "Sexual…
Originally scheduled to be delivered at the close of the First American Birth Control Conference on Nov. 13, 1921, this address was made on Nov. 18 after the police raided the Town Hall and arrested Sanger. This speech was…
This article addresses the arrest of Kitty Marion and Margaret Sanger for publishing the article entitled "Birth Control or Abortion" in the Birth Control Review,, 2:11, Dec. 1918, pp. 3-4. For duplicates see Margaret Sanger Microfilm Edition: Smith…
This article was reprinted by the American Birth Control League in a flyer with two other newspaper articles as "Real Facts About Birth Control," ca. April 1923 (Margaret Sanger Papers Microfim,Library of Congress LCM 129:580).
Sanger prepared this speech for Boston's Ford Hall Forum on Free Speech, but because public discussion of birth control was banned in that town, Sanger stood on the stage with a gag over her mouth while Arthur M. Schlesinger read her…
Sanger probably gave this interview on April 6, 1923 in the office of the American Birth Control League in New York City.
The last portion of the article consisting of O'Shea's reply has been omitted.
This unsigned editorial may have been written by Margaret Sanger.
Margaret Sanger gave this speech to open the Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference at the Hotel McAlpin in New York City. For a draft version see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Library of Congress, LCM 128:267.
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