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Complete copy of sanger's speech was not found. Newspaper coverage was used in its place.
Summary of talk delivered by Mrs. Sanger before the New History Society at the Park Lane Hotel on Sunday evening January 17, 1931. For other drafts see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Library of Congress,…
Sanger gave this statement to the pressupon arriving in Los Angeles for a one-month speaking tour.
Sanger spoke and answered questions at a luncheon at the Hotel Lafayette immediately after being released from Queens County Penitentiary.
This is a draft of Sanger's address to the Middle Western States Conference on Birth Control, sponsored by the NCFLBC and held in Columbus, OH. The audience was comprised of activists, doctors, scientists and lawyers.
For draft version, "One of Eleven," see Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress Microfilm LCM 130:419.
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