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This is part of a series of articles written in response to a letter to the editor from M B H published in the Birth Control Review (BCR) pf Nov. 1918, p. 7 under the the title "Birth Control A Parents' Problem or Woman's?" It was followed by a…
For the essay published in the 1933 volume, see "Birth Control," 1933.
This unsigned editorial was possibly written by Margaret Sanger.
This unsigned editorial was written during Sanger's tenure as editor of the Birth Control Review, but it is not certain that she is the author."
Margaret Sanger published this short note beneath a letter to the editor written by "M. B. H." asking "Don't you think you over emphasize the woman's side of the problem to the exclusion of the man's?. . . . Shouldn't the instruction in…
This article was reprinted in the May 1919 Birth Control Review under the same title. (Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S70:821.)
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