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For a similar statement, see ""Statement on Japanese Trip," Aug. 9, 1952.
With this address, Sanger opened the Middle Western States Birth Control Conference, held in Chicago at the Drake Hotel. Handwritten additions by Sanger.
Sanger spoke before 1200 people in a mass meeting sponsored by American Women's Independence Committee at California Hall in San Francisco. 625 Polk Street 94102.
For other New York Call articles on the clinic, see Oct. 20,1916. Also see New York Tribune,, Oct. 24, 1916 and Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Oct. 22 and Oct. 24, 1916.
This clipping was found in a scrapbook with no newspaper identified. The intreview was apparently conducted by the Newspaper Enterprise Association, a U.S.-based ditorial column and comic strip newspaper syndication serviceā€¦
For additional coverage of her speech, see "Birth Control Leader Fights Japanese Ban," in San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 19, 1922. Sanger gave this address in California Hall in San Francisco.
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