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Sanger made the following remarks during the session on the "Differential Birth Rate" at the Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference in New York City. Papers read at that session include: Francis B. Sumner's"Is Voluntary Birth…
Sanger introduced Owen Lovejoy at the Sixth Anniversary dinner for the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, held at New York's Plaza Hotel. Related documents are her Opening Remarks and her introductions for Henry Pratt Fairchild and Frank…
Sanger released a statement and sent a telegram to President Calvin Coolidge from the Sixth International Neo-Malthusian and Birth Control Conference held in New York City.
This is the final article in a five-part series. For parts I to III see July 1923, Aug. 1923, and Sept. 1923.
For a similar statement, see ""Statement on Japanese Trip," Aug. 9, 1952.
Portions of this article not found. This is the conclusion of Sanger's article which was part of a series on "Prudence and Purity in Sex Matters." For her other two rticles see, Aug. 23, 1919 and Oct. 4, 1919. Additional articles in the series were…
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