[Statement on Henry Caravati's Letter to the New York Times]



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"Mrs. Sanger Disputes Some of Mr. Caravati's Statements," New York Times, May 10, 1933, p. 16


This is Sanger's comment on a letter published in the New York Times on May 4, 1933 by Henry Caravati. Caravati responded to Sanger's statement with a list of organizations opposed to birth control which the Times published on May 18, 1933.



Mrs. Sanger Disputes Some of Mr. Caravati's Statements

To the editor of the New York Times:

I wish to correct several statements made by Henry L. Caravati, executive secretary of the National Council of Catholic Men, in his letter to The Times.

Mr. Caravati states that at Congressional hearings twenty-one responsible and outstanding national organizations made known their disapproval of any attempts to amend the present Federal laws. He failed to state that practically all these organizations were Catholic.

Mr. Caravati refers to the American Gynecological Society, but fails to state that in 1925 this outstanding group went on record in favor of amending the present Federal laws. It is significant to note that the medical organizations most directly concerned with the health of American mothers have also gone on record in favor of amending these laws.

Mr. Caravati states that it is a matter of record that not more than a few hundred thousand individuals are represented by the religious groups that have publicly expressed their approval of removing the present restrictions. It would be interesting to know where Mr. Caravati obtains his figures, and I am sure that the religious groups endorsing our work also resent this absurd claim.

I agree with Mr. Caravati that it is important that the people of this country be informed of the facts, but these must be presented without religious bias.