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This is a revised version of Sanger's Jan. 18, 1932 speech ""My Way to Peace." It is not clear if this version was ever delivered or published. Handwritten interlineations were made by Margaret Sanger. At least one page is missing. It is possible…
The following is an excerpt from the hearings. Only Margaret Sanger's testimonyand her answers to committee questions have been included.
Originally scheduled to be delivered at the close of the First American Birth Control Conference on Nov. 13, 1921, this address was made on Nov. 18 after the police raided the Town Hall and arrested Sanger. This speech was…
Handwritten corrections made by hand by Margaret Sanger. Sanger may have submitted this review to the New York Tribune; published version not found. For another draft of the review see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Library…
The conference that Sanger addressed has not yet been identified. The last page(s) may be missing. Handwritten additions and corrections by Margaret Sanger.
Margaret Sanger gave this speech on the evening before her Woman Rebel trial was to begin. Handwritten corrections probably by Margaret Sanger.
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