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  • Subject is exactly "birth control--socio-economic benefits of"
Sanger organized a tribute dinner to H. G. Wells as a fund-raiser and publicity even for the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control
Originally scheduled to be delivered at the close of the First American Birth Control Conference on Nov. 13, 1921, this address was made on Nov. 18 after the police raided the Town Hall and arrested Sanger. This speech was…
This is a revision of Sanger's 1914 Family Limitation. For other versions included in the digital edition, see Family Limitation, 3rd or 4th edition, ca., 1915, Family Limitation, 8th edition, 1918, Family Limitation, 12th edition, ca.…
This article is prefaced by an editorial note mentioning that Dr. Louis I. Dublin argued the negative side of the question in the April 25, 1925 issue of Colliers.
Sanger spoke before the Washington Planned Parenthood Association at the home of Louise Chase Myers.
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