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The following is an excerpt from the hearings, including only Margaret Sanger's testimony and her direct responses.
This excerpt from the complete hearings includes only Margaret Sanger's testimony and questions asked of her. For continued testimony on this bill, see Testimony before the United States Senate on bill S. 4436 June 24 and 30, 1932.For additional…
Sanger organized a tribute dinner to H. G. Wells as a fund-raiser and publicity even for the National Committee on Federal Legislation for Birth Control
For a draft version of this article see "A Crying Need for a Greater Motherhood," ca. 1912 on Library of Congress Microfilm 131:46.
Margaret Sanger gave this speech at the end of the one-day conference of the Pennsylvania Birth Control Federation and the Southeastern Pennsylvania Birth Control League. This was a public meeting held at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia,…
The conference that Sanger addressed has not yet been identified. The last page(s) may be missing. Handwritten additions and corrections by Margaret Sanger.
Headnote preceding this article indicates that this annual tribute is special as it honors Ellis' 70th birthday.
Inserted reference appears in article as a footnote.
This roundtable discussion, led by Margaret Sanger included John Randal Baker, Guy Irving Burch, Robert Emmet Chaddock, Robert Hamilton Coats, Walter Russell Crocker, Henry Pratt Fairchild, Ernst Freund, Corrado Gini, Harold Foote Gosnell, Mr.…
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