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The following is an excerpt from the hearings, including only Margaret Sanger's testimony and her direct responses.
This is a revised version of Sanger's Jan. 17, 1932 speech "My Way to Peace," given to the New History Society. It is not clear if this version was ever delivered of pub;ished. Handwritten interlineations were made by Margaret Sanger. At least one…
This excerpt from the complete hearings includes only Margaret Sanger's testimony and questions asked of her. For continued testimony on this bill, see Testimony before the United States Senate on bill S. 4436 June 24 and 30, 1932.For additional…
For duplicate version see Margaret Sanger Microfilm Edition, Smith College Collections, S71:423.
Complete copy of sanger's speech was not found. Newspaper coverage was used in its place.
This draft was likely written in the early 1920s. No final version was found. This may be part of a longer article.
Inserted reference appears in article as a footnote.
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