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The following is an excerpt from the hearings, including only Margaret Sanger's testimony and her direct responses.
This is a revised version of Sanger's Jan. 17, 1932 speech "My Way to Peace," given to the New History Society. It is not clear if this version was ever delivered of pub;ished. Handwritten interlineations were made by Margaret Sanger. At least oneā€¦
Sanger's actual speech was not found.
Margaret Sanger most likely gave this speech in Berlin, Germany. No published version has been found. Handwritten interlieations by Sanger.
Speech delivered at Auditorium Theater, Oakland, California on December 19th 1928. Handwritten additions are by Margaret Sanger.
For the essay published in the 1933 volume, see "Birth Control," 1933.
Sanger's scheduled lecture at the Medical College of Virginia's Egyptian Building was forced to move to the First Baptist Church because of an overflow crowd. Dr. Fred J. Wampler presided.
Sanger gave this statement to the pressupon arriving in Los Angeles for a one-month speaking tour.
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