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For other articles in the Britannica Book of the Year series, see Birth Control, 1941 ; Birth Control, 1942 ; Birth Control, 1943 …
Sanger spoke at a Symposium on Birth Control, held at the Hotel Brevoort in New York City, sponsored by the Eastern Medical Society. Other participants were Robert Latou Dickinson, Hannah Mayer Stone, Stuart Mudd, A. J. Romney, A.…
Sanger's speech was not found; newspaper coverage used instead. Page 2 of this article is missing.
This article was reprinted by the American Birth Control League in a flyer with two other newspaper articles as "Real Facts About Birth Control," ca. April 1923 (Margaret Sanger Papers Microfim,Library of Congress LCM 129:580).
For other versions see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm: Smith College Collections, S71:274 and Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm,cLibrary of Congress, LCM 131:0489 LCM:493.
Margaret Sanger most likely gave this speech in Berlin, Germany. No published version has been found. Handwritten interlieations by Sanger.
For other drafts see Library of Congress Microfilm 48:256B, and Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S71:370, 374, 384 and 404.
This is a revision of Sanger's 1914 Family Limitation. For other versions included in the digital edition, see Family Limitation, 3rd or 4th edition, ca., 1915, Family Limitation, 8th edition, 1918, Family Limitation, 12th edition, ca.…
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