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Sanger spoke at a dinner held at the Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Scottsboro, AZ along with Planned Parenthood of Tuscon members Rev. Samuel J. Lindamood, Jr., Lois Nelson, and…
No draft version found. This article was published under different titles in different newspapers, including: "Birth Control Aims Explained," Ogden (UT) Standard-Examiner, Dec. 24, 1922, and "Concerning the Spread of the…
Sanger's speech was not found; newspaper coverage used instead. Page 2 of this article is missing.
This article was reprinted by the American Birth Control League in a flyer with two other newspaper articles as "Real Facts About Birth Control," ca. April 1923 (Margaret Sanger Papers Microfim,Library of Congress LCM 129:580).
For other versions see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm: Smith College Collections, S71:274 and Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm,cLibrary of Congress, LCM 131:0489 LCM:493.
anger appeared on PBS Channel 13 in Tucson to discuss President Eisenhower's statement on American family planning assitance to foreign nations: "I cannot imagine anything more emphatically a subject …
For other drafts see Library of Congress Microfilm 48:256B, and Margaret Sanger Microfilm, Smith College Collections S71:370, 374, 384 and 404.
Speech delivered at Auditorium Theater, Oakland, California on December 19th 1928. Handwritten additions are by Margaret Sanger.
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