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For other articles in the Britannica Book of the Year series, see Birth Control, 1941 ; Birth Control, 1942 ; Birth Control, 1943 …
Sanger spoke at a Symposium on Birth Control, held at the Hotel Brevoort in New York City, sponsored by the Eastern Medical Society. Other participants were Robert Latou Dickinson, Hannah Mayer Stone, Stuart Mudd, A. J. Romney, A.…
Speech delivered at Auditorium Theater, Oakland, California on December 19th 1928. Handwritten additions are by Margaret Sanger.
Inserted reference appears in article as a footnote.
For other New York Call articles on the clinic, see Oct. 20,1916. Also see New York Tribune,, Oct. 24, 1916 and Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Oct. 22 and Oct. 24, 1916.
Sanger spoke to San Francisco reporters about the possibility of traveling to Japan.
For other articles in the Britannica Book of the Year series, see: "Birth Control," 1946-1958, see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition: Collected Documents Series: Birth Control,1944; Birth Control, 1946; Birth Control,…
This is a draft of Sanger's address to the Middle Western States Conference on Birth Control, sponsored by the NCFLBC and held in Columbus, OH. The audience was comprised of activists, doctors, scientists and lawyers.
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