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For other New York Call articles on the clinic, see Oct. 20,1916. Also see New York Tribune,, Oct. 24, 1916 and Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Oct. 22 and Oct. 24, 1916.
Sanger spoke on her efforts for birth control," at Denver's Marble Hall on May 28, 1916. For drafts of the texts Sanger used during her American speaking tour in 1916, see "Birth Control (Chicago Address on Women)," "Birth Control and Society,"…
No published version of this letter has been found. It is possible it was sent only to subscribers of Mother Earth.
This speech was delivered at the Baltimore Open Forum on January 3, 1926. This version may have been a press release.
For an earlier draft, see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Library of Congress, LCM 129:94; for identical versions, see LCM 129:098B and 129:101.
Portions of this article not found. This is the conclusion of Sanger's article which was part of a series on "Prudence and Purity in Sex Matters." For her other two rticles see, Aug. 23, 1919 and Oct. 4, 1919. Additional articles in the…
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