[Introduction for Owen Lovejoy]




Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Library of Congress LCM 129:750


Sanger introduced Owen Lovejoy at the Sixth Anniversary dinner for the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, held at New York's Plaza Hotel. Related documents are her Opening Remarks and her introductions for Henry Pratt Fairchild and Frank Hankins. For another version see LCM 129:750. Handwritten corrections by Sanger.



The Many critics of the Birth Control movement have failed to recognize how closely the well-being of children is related upon to the well-being and happiness of their mothers. To protect the children we must also protect the Mothers. It is now my great honor to introduce a man who has fought long and bravely for the rights of American children born in America to be free, and who has the insight and the courage to recognize that their first inalienable right is the right to be well-born. It is my pleasure to introduce and the leader in the long fight against Child Labor--Mr. Owen Lovejoy.

Handwritten at bottom half of page

Thousands of women have already been grievously wounded in the battle of life-- Emergency measures are all they ask--& all they are allowed to receive. Week after week, day after day & hour after hour they come to us, appealing & praying for help. Some of them come looking furtively about, hesitant wondering how they shall be received.

They have run the gauntlet of various organizations & been denied the information they sought.

They come to us troubled, inarticulate, like doomed souls crushed beneath the force of a cruelly prolific nation.

These are the Martyrized Mothers of America. They ask for help--for the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

Temple of Motherhood.