[Birth Control, 1921]




"Mrs. Sanger Lectures Here," Reading (PA)Times, Feb. 8, 1921, p. 1


Sanger's speech was not found; newspaper coverage was used instead.


Reading Times



Mrs. Sanger Lectures Here

Mrs. Margaret Sanger lectured at Odd Fellows Hall last evening. It was for women only. The subject announced at the box office was "Birth Control." It was an account of the lecturer's written and spoken efforts upon this much discussed question that she gained a great deal of both notoriety and publicity.

Last December Mrs. Sanger lectured here before a large mixed audience and her remarks at the time met with such approval and interest that her return last night was requested by the new women's organization--the Berks County Association of Women Workers.

The strong point in her birth control advocacy is based upon the physical condition of the mother. Mrs. Sanger is opposed to the childless marriage, being the mother of four children herself. Before marriage she was a trained nurse.