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  • Subject is exactly "population size--and food supply"
Margaret Sanger gave an address as part of a Wesleyan University undergraduate conference on marriage. No final version of this speech has been found; for notes on a similar speech, see Wesleyan University Speech Notes and Excerpts, Dec. 9,1932.
For draft versions see Margaret Sanger Papers Micrfoilm Edition, Smith College Collections, S71:404. For copies of drafts of data on Japan and Italy which Sanger used that were probably redated, see Margaret Sanger Papers Micrfoilm Edition, Smith…
Notes on speech to the Bryn Mawr College Liberal Club. A final version was not found. Portions of these notes were also used in Sanger's "The Necessity of Birth Control,"" Dec. 19, 1928.
For Sanger's interview with R. C. Martens, "A Birth Strike to Avert World Famine," Birth Control Review, Jan. 1920, p. 3.
For other articles in the Britannica Book of the Year series, "Birth Control," 1946-1958, see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm Edition: Collected Documents Series: 1944; 1946; 1947; …
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