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"Margaret Sanger Comments On Our 'Overabundance'," Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Feb. 16, 1922, p.16


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Blehl, William A.



Margaret Sanger Comments On Our 'Overabundance'

Editor Brooklyn Daily Eagle:

In your issue of Feb. 13 a letter from Mr. William A. Blehl needs correction.

The birth control bill S.4436 aims to allow physicians, hospitals and clinics only to use the U.S. mails and common carriers to send and receive such contraceptive articles, books and supplies as are needed.

It is an error to say the bill aims to reduce the population to overcome the present economic condition. The fact of the matter is that the passage of this bill would decrease tremendous misery, worry and anxiety in the lives of the poor mothers who go to hospitals and clinics for their medical advice, because they can seldom afford to consult a private doctor.

Mr. Blehls's childish announcement, "there is an overabundance of food supplies and a further depletion in population would only result in a still more overabundance" does not ring true. If there is an overabundance of food what good does it do the millions of hungry men and women walking the streets looking for jobs to buy it?

Large populations have not thus far in the history of mankind done more for civilization then plunge humanity into wars, hunger, disease, plunder, and crime. To talk nonsense at this time, with the economic facts of history before us is not only an expression of ignorance--it is malicious! Let those who want a big population make it possible for every child born and alive today to have a chance to live before they pratter about "overabundance" and "increase."