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Margaret Sanger compiled her New York Call series, "How Six Little Children Were Taught the Truth," (and published them in 1914 in a booklet What Every Mother Should Know, (Rablelais Press). She also added this new conclusion. The first edition may…
This is Part VIII of a an eight-part series entitled "How Little Children Were Taught the Truth". For Part I, see Oct. 29, 1911, for Part II, see Nov. 5, 1911, for Part III see Nov. 12, 1911, for Part IV see Nov. 19, 1911, for Part V-a see Nov. 26,…
For an earlier version, possibly drafted by Florence Rose, see Margaret Sanger Papers Microfilm, Library of Congress, LCM 8:721.
This article, publishedin the Charlotte Observer, was based on an interview given to Hannah Steim
Sanger's review of Robert Latou Dickinson's 1924 survey the medical profession's perspectives on contraception.
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