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Margaret Sanger most likely gave this speech in Berlin, Germany. No published version has been found. Handwritten interlieations by Sanger.
Speech delivered at Auditorium Theater, Oakland, California on December 19th 1928. Handwritten additions are by Margaret Sanger.
For Part I see "Impressions of the East Side, Sept. 3, 1911.
Margaret Sanger opened a birth control meeting at New York's Carnegie Hall with the following remarks. Also see her introductions of James F. Cooper, Dorothy Bocker, I. N. Thurman and …
This article is the second in a four-part series of the same title. For Part I see July 1923; for two following articles see Sept. 1923 and Oct. 1923.
For draft version, "One of Eleven," see Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress Microfilm LCM 130:419.
Sanger gave this speech at the Community Church, along with James F. Landis and Clarence R. Skinner. The MSPP editors have omitted questions not addressed to Sanger. For a…
The article was introduced by a short note indicating that it was in response to an article by Marjorie Wells, published in the March issue of the North American Review. For draft version, see "One of Eleven,"…
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