Kitty Marion Gives Up Freedom--What Will You Give?




Birth Control Review, Nov. 1918, p. 4
Margaret Sanger Microfilm Edition, Collected Documents Series C16:120



Kitty Marion Gives Up Freedom--What Will You Give?

When Kitty Marion was sentenced to thirty days in jail or the payment of a five hundred dollar fine, she unhesitatingly chose the jail, although she knew that in the wave of emotion and indignation that swept over the supporters of the Birth Control movement, at the excessive amount of the fine, five hundred dollars, could then and there have been raised.

But Kitty Marion put the cause before herself and bravely sacrificed her liberty rather than use money that she thought should go the cause of Birth Control. She is now doing hard labor for the sake of humanity.

We must do this. One hundred dollars has already been pledged. Come on, the rest of you, rich and poor alike, give dimes and give dollars, hundreds of them. Send literally all you can to the Kitty Marion Fund to be used in the propaganda she is in jail for. It is time woman's voice was heard loud enough to be heeded.

Come no, noblesse oblige!

Send your contribution to Mrs. Frances B. Ackerman, Treasurer, 104 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Board of Directors. The NEW YORK WOMEN'S PUBLISHING CO., INC. By the Board of Directors:

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