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"Japs Formed Birth Control Clinics, Says Mrs. Sanger," Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Oct. 11, 1922, p. 24


Brooklyn Daily Eagle



Japs Formed Birth Control Clinics, Says Mrs. Sanger

Back from Propaganda Trip, Tells of Warm Welcome in Foreign Lands

"American missionaries of all religious denominations are practicing birth control in Japan, but in China they have large families," declared Mrs. Margaret Sanger, founder of the American Birth Control League, who has just returned from a propaganda trip of several months, during which she visited Hawaii, Japan, China, Egypt, Arabia, Austria, Italy, France and England.

"I was warmly welcomed everywhere, especially in Japan, once I obtained admission to the country," said Mrs. Sanger. "My lectures were well attended and committees on birth control established. I established a league in Tokyo with a clinic and branches in Kobe and Kyoto; also in Peking and Honolulu."

"The difficulty I had in entering Japan was due to the fact that the Government had an idea I was sent by the United States to reduce Japan's birth rate and so weaken her army. The present population of Japan is 57,000,000 and the military party wants a population of 100,000,000. However, when I made it clear that my own Government took the same attitude towards me and that my object was to reduce the birth rate in every country in the world, they let me in. My meetings were called under the auspices of the best educated and most cultivated Japanese and through an interpreter I lectured on the population in Japan and all nations."

"In London I acted as president of the general section of the International Conference on Birth Control, where delegates from all countries assembled to discuss ways and means to make birth control a legal and social factor in family life in every country in the world."

"H. G. Wells presided at the public meeting of the Conference, and others who took a prominent part were Lord Dawson, the King's physician; Harold Cox, former M.P.; Prof. John Maynard Keynes, the well-known economist, and Prof. E. W. MacBride, who officially represented the British Eugenics Society."

Mrs. Sanger will be welcomed home at a meeting in Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, on Oct. 30.