Speech at the Mountain View Presbyterian Church




"Safe, Sure Birth Control Means Seen in 10 Years," Tucson Daily Citizen, Aug. 12, 1959.


Sanger spoke at a dinner held at the Mountain View Presbyterian Church in Scottsboro, AZ along with Planned Parenthood of Tuscon members Rev. Samuel J. Lindamood, Jr., Lois Nelson, and Della Kincaid.



Safe, Sure Birth Control Means Seen In 10 Years

Ten more years should bring safe, sure and cheap means of birth control, Mrs. Margaret Sanger, founder of the Planned Parenthood Movement, said last night at Mountain View Presbyterian Church.

She said it was proving effective in experiments, but was not ready for the general market.

"That is what we need for worldwide progress," she said.

"This is my first invitation to your church and I appreciate it deeply."

Mrs. Sanger appeared on the platform and answered about a dozen questions put to her, but attempted no speech.

Mrs. Sanger said she was a nurse in New York City.

"I saw the difference (in living conditions) among parents who could space their children from those who could not," she said.

"I began a crusade and was surprised by the difficulties," she added. "I became aware of federal laws, and state laws and religious prejudice."

She said birth control movements were spreading in India and other nations of Asia.

Mrs. Sanger candidly admitted that Japan relied heavily on abortions in reducing its birth rate. However, the public health service in Japan, she said, was seeking to protect the health of women by spreading information about safer means of spacing children."

In the United States she said "the careless ones who know nothing are the ones having the children they can't care for."