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"Operatic Stars Back From Europe On the Saturnia," Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Sept. 22, 1932, p. 17


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Brooklyn Daily Eagle



Operatic Stars Back From Europe On the Saturnia

Margaret Sanger Also Returns--Tells of Birth Control Progress in Italy

Arriving late yesterday on the White Star liner Majestic was Margaret Sanger, who said that if her birth control activities in Italy had become known recently she believed she would have been deported.

"By traveling under my married name, Mrs. M. S. Slee, I managed to hold many private meetings on birth control while in Italy," she said. "In Venice and Milan I had more demand for secret lectures before women's clubs than I could supply."

"In spite of Mussolini's opposition to birth control I noticed a great underground movement for it in his country, which has undoubtedly been responsible for the astonishing fact that the birth rate has fallen there this year."

Miss Sanger said she would fight for passage of a bill now before the Judiciary Committee in Congress which would permit instruction in birth control by physicians.