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A summary of an interview Sanger gave before speaking at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond.
Sanger's actual speech was not found.
Sanger's speech to more than 400 at the American Women's Association Clubhouse was not found, but press coverage provides some excerpts. Henry Pratt Fairchild also spoke at the meeting which was presided over by Ida Haar Timme.
This article addresses the arrest of Kitty Marion and Margaret Sanger for publishing the article entitled "Birth Control or Abortion" in the Birth Control Review,, 2:11, Dec. 1918, pp. 3-4. For duplicates see Margaret Sanger Microfilm Edition: Smith…
The conference that Sanger addressed has not yet been identified. The last page(s) may be missing. Handwritten additions and corrections by Margaret Sanger.
The original speech was not found; newspaper coverage was used instead.
Margaret Sanger introduced Frank Hankins at the Sixth Anniversary dinner for the Birth Control Clinical Research Bureau, held at New York's Plaza Hotel. See also Sanger's Opening Address and her introductions for Owen…
This roundtable discussion, led by Margaret Sanger included John Randal Baker, Guy Irving Burch, Robert Emmet Chaddock, Robert Hamilton Coats, Walter Russell Crocker, Henry Pratt Fairchild, Ernst Freund, Corrado Gini, Harold Foote Gosnell, Mr.…
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