Sanger's Testimony to Senate Judiciary Committee



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"Advocate of Birth Control Rejoices," Bluefield (WV) Daily Telegraph, Feb. 18, 1933




Bluefield (WV) Daily Telegraph



Advocate of Birth Control Rejoices

Mrs. Margaret Sanger, campaigner for a law to legalize dissemination of birth control information, today bailed the results of a poll of the senate judiciary committee as a big advance for her cause and "the best showing thus far made."

The result was nine against, six for, and two not voting.

Listed as voting for such legislation were Chairman Norris, and Senators Robinson of Indiana; Hastings, Schall, Schuyler and Black. Against it were Senators Hebert, Austin, Ashurst, Walsh, King, Stephens, Bill, Bratton, and Neely. Those reported as not voting were Senators Borah and Blaine.

"The poll by the judiciary shows an increasing understanding of what the subject means, and better than all it shows an increase of courage on the part of legislators to publicly go on record for what they think in private," said Mrs. Sanger. "this is the best vote we ever had."

"I have made a most careful check of that committee, all married men, and find that among the seventeen members are thirty-four children, an average of two children each."

"Some have more, several have none, but the low average is a point, I think, that bears on the courage of public expression of personal opinion."

Mrs. Sanger said that in the "long picture" of her cause, she counted the progress she felt she had made in Congress the high point of a "most victorious year."

"No longer can there be a claim there is an overabundance in the land and we need an increasing population to consume it, in the face of the American Federation of Labor estimates that twelve million are jobless, forty five millions in poverty."

"I confidently predict that within ten years it will be unnecessary for physicians to bootleg information and supplies on which the health and happiness of a whole nation depends."