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"Margaret Sanger Urges Law for Birth Control," Indianapolis News, May 12, 1932, p. 3


For Sanger's testimony, see Testimony Before the United States Senate on Senate Bill 4436, May 12, 1932.


"McGrady, Edward F.">
"Fairchild, Henry Pratt"
Indianapolis News



Margaret Sanger Urges Law for Birth Control

Margaret Sanger, internationally-known birth control advocate, today renewed her fight against laws prohibiting dissemination of such information.

Appearing before a senate judiciary subcommittee, she urged approval of the bill by Senator Henry D. Hatfield (Rep. W. Va.) to exempt physicians, hospitals, licensed clinics and others in the medical fraternity from existing bans.

"These laws we are trying to amend are as archaic as they are ridiculous," she said. "They are relics of an outworn concept of morality which tries to make people moral by legislating against knowledge."

Edward F. McGrady, of the American Federation of Labor, presented a statement saying William Green, president of the federation, "does not feel that we can support this bill nor do we believe that we will be able to support any bill that leaders of the church denounce as conducive to bad morals and that does not receive the support of the medical profession of our country."

Henry P. Fairchild, of New York, told the committee the "main justification of the birth control movement is the human reason and intelligence."

Professor James H. Bossard, of Philadelphia, endorsed the measure, as did the following: Rabbi Edward S. Israel of Baltimore; Dr. James S. Klumpp, Huntington, W. Va.; Dr. John H. Stokes, University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Paul J. Zentay, St. Louis.