Civic Club Dinner Speech




"To Fight Federal Birth Control Law", Reading (PA), Times, Jun. 12, 1929, p.3


Complete copy of sanger's speech was not found. Newspaper coverage was used in its place.


Reading Times




The federal defense committee, formed as a result of the recent police raid on the Birth Control Clinic Research bureau, is to "go after congress strong and hard during the next year" in a determined effort to secure the repeal of the federal birth control law, according to Mrs. Margaret Sanger who spoke last night at a dinner given in her honor at the Civic Club.

Mrs. Sanger said she believed the fight would be a difficult one since the federal law also covers "pornography and so many things that are not decent," but the committee will carry on an energetic fight convinced, that the child employment problem would never be worked out until birth control information was at the disposal of the working class. An attack is also to be made on the New York state law she declared.

Raid Helped Movement

In commenting on the recent police raid, Mrs. Sanger said it had spared the leaders of the movement at least 10 years' legislative effort since it had aroused distinguished physicians and caused them to go on record favoring the proper spacing of children.

The only organized opposition, she added was from the Roman Catholic church, which always has combated the birth control program openly and emphatically.

The meeting closed with the announcement of a committee to carry the cause of Mrs.Mary Ware Dennett to congress. The personnel included Ruth Hale, Mrs. James Laidlaw, Mrs. Leopold K. Simon, Miss Susan Brandeis, Miss Helen Pickenbach, and Miss Henriette M. Kaplan.

A petition has been prepared on behalf of Mrs. Dennett urging modification of the obscenity clause in the postal censorship law in so far as it touches on sex education. A million signatures will be sought.